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Learning! It's a process.

I had a great discussion with some friends earlier about Erica's story in "In the Meantime." To be frank, I'm not entirely happy with its ending. The whole "food and family" angle was missing from the last chapter. When there are only six chapters, that has a heavier weight than I would like.

That said, I do not intend to change the ending. Sure, I'm not happy with it, but there are lots of things I'm not satisfied with when it comes to writing! That's just how this game goes. There are certain things I would change about "Elements of Change" if I could, but the story is written and done; the important thing is the future of the series and what I can learn from my previous experiences.

I've learned a LOT about writing the last couple of years. As I work on other series and stories, I plan to keep the lessons I've learned close to my chest.

The human experience is one of learning, and there's a lot left to learn.

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