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Amid a vampire breakout, some Heroes find themselves working all hours of the day. The illustrious Striker, limited to working daylight hours only, finds himself taking a backseat to the action as some of his friends arrive on the front lines.

The Time Traveler's Guide to the Multiverse
What would you give if you could go back in time to change one moment in your life? For Mike Brodsky, time travel’s just part of his day-to-day. He quickly finds that not everyone in his family has the same restraint as him when offered a window into the past.

A Girl Called No One
Russia is trying to create super-powerful vampires using space debris. Now under the steady employ of Colonel Ray, the unmemorable Ivy is here to help put an end to that program…for a nominal fee, of course.

Know Thyself
A group of cadets has gone missing, sparking a frantic search. When Allie Gunter takes on the mission, all signs point to an impossible foe, one she thought she’d never see again.

Trial of the Sorceress
Since it began, Julia Cromwell has been at the front lines of the vampire fiasco. When the sickness takes her daughter, she must find a way to end the outbreak soon. To do so, she will have to push her fledgling magical powers to the limits.

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