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Striker Book 2 - Din Version-01 - VidmarCom.png


The world isn’t ending this time, so Neil Harris, the fifth Superhero to bear the name Striker, can put his feet up and breathe a little easier. Even though there’s no apocalypse, there’s still plenty of work to be done, and the stakes are more personal than ever for four of Neil’s closest friends and colleagues.

The Routine

Colonel Ray is having a lighter day, and may actually be able to take the afternoon off. All she has to do is make it through a couple of meetings, and she’s home-free. Easy, right?

Mi Familia

Family, friends, and food are the most important things in the life of Erica Ramirez, the vaunted Ventrica. When Erica’s friends encourage her to explore her interests and to finally live life, the past threatens to blockade the future.

A Careful Balance
Lucian has been given the task by the most powerful beings in existence, The Fates, to keep the gods themselves in check. As he can attest, the forces of Light and Dark don’t always play kind... or fair.

Casefile 777

At seventeen years old, Tykie Georgiou has the power of Luck on his side. This rare and extraordinary ability means that nearly everything works out for him. But he isn’t the only one with this power, and not everyone with it has such pure intentions.

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